Sankalp Centres


Sankalp worked in three small village schools located five hours drive time north of Delhi.  In 2011 the success of this project serving lower socio-economic children's needs resulted in all of the children being mainstreamed into regular schools in the area.  IASE Volunteers and GIVING Funds helped to provide supplies and support to make this happen.  Starting in 2012, Sankalp began working on sanitation projects, wherein it provides girls' toilets and safe drinking water to poor schools so that the girls remain in school.  The organization also provides school supplies to special education students.

Their needs include:
  • School supplies for elementary students:books, puzzles, blocks, reading materials, games, charts;
  • Volunteers to support studies and activities;
  • Funding for construction of toilets.

Dr. Anupriya Chadha, Chief Consultant-Inclusive Education-SSA &RTE, Director of Sankalp

SPJ Sadhana School

Serving a variety of disabled children including autistic, Down Syndrome, speech and hearing impaired, spastic, and mentally retarded students who are trained in authentic skills to use in real life situations.

SPJ Sadhana School is in need of:

  • Speech Therapist to spend a month to teach classroom teachers some skills to help their students;
  • Someone to help document and publish a wealth of research conducted at the school;
  • A professional to conduct staff in-service on adolescent sexual issues;
  • Volunteers: During September-February.

(More photos here)

                                              Graduating Class of 2015

                Third row standing left to right  Dr. Radhike Khanna,

                    Sister Gaitonde ,staff and students 

Photos top left to right: 
Photo One: International School Award 2013-2016
Photo Two: Blessings 2014' - A Fashion Event.  the Fabrics were designed and produced by the students of S.P.J. Sadhana School

Photos Bottom left to right:
Photo four: Model showcasing the work of the students at the Fashion Event.
Photo five: Siddharth Singh student of S.P.J. Sadhana School who suffers from Mr. Smith Lemliopitz Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy with his master piece in Acrylic
Photo Six:Art Trisonomy 21 - Art Exhibition 2013



Serving hostel and day students who are mentally handicapped.  They are educated and trained in various social and academic skills. 

Service/support requested for Lebenshilfe include:

  • Teacher training;
  • Computer training;
  • Making teaching materials;
  • Psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, dance therapists, counselors;
  • Interaction with children: “adoption of a student” for a school term;
  • Volunteers: 1-3 months or longer; anytime except October, January, May and June.

(Learn more and see more photos here.)

Don Bosco

The vision of Don Bosco is to reach out to the children of the street and to the young at risk, to inspire and support them towards a new life and to help them get integrated back into the mainstream society.  This site is a well integrated rehabilitation movement for these 300+ children with behavioral and emotional problems who may have been physically and/or sexually abused, sold by parents for beggary, forced into child labor, or have had various conflicts with the law.

Service/support requested by Don Bosco include:

  • Recreational activities;
  • Art projects;
  • Music;
  • Physical Education;
  • Conversational English;
  • Drama;                                                              
  • Social Skills training;
  • Computer skills;
  • Funding;
  • Volunteers: 2+ months; anytime of the year.

(Read more from IASE volunteer, Dr. Rita Mulholland.)

Fr. Joe Fernandez with older boys

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