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Dr. Ash Molloy- Canada National Chair

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Ashleigh Molloy is an energized, motivated leader, multi/international award recipient. He is recognized as a global leader and equity. He is a professor with Niagara University in the Teacher Education Department (TED) and Founder of Transformation Education International (TEI), a global leader in trans-formative professional development. He consults, presents and delivers training at international conferences on varied education topics. He is a respected Keynote speaker, author and an internationally renowned workshop presenter who has appeared on radio, television, and digital media. He has devoted himself to the public good through building a community that includes ALL. He is focused on driving innovation and delivering measurable results towards managing a sustainable transformation in education worldwide.

As a professional with extensive experience traversing three decades, he has worked with school boards, governments, NGO’s, and corporations around the world. His contribution and alternative perspectives provide insight and adds momentum to strategic priorities that better serve the community of stakeholders.

He has consulted and facilitated training in over 22 states, and presented globally in 20 countries these include China, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Bermuda, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, and the Global Summit Conference (Washington, D.C.), and at the University of Turku (Finland), Oslo University (Norway), at the University of Monterrey (Mexico), University of San Carlos (Guatemala), George Washington University in the USA, and at Tyndale University, and the University of Toronto in Canada. He has keynoted and presented at the Conference of the Americas (Monterrey, Mexico). In addition, he was a Panel Chair and speaker at the World Down Syndrome Conference held at the United Nations in New York and the World Down Syndrome Congress in Vancouver, and Dublin.



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