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The Nominating Process for an IASE National Chair

The role of a National Chair (NC) of the International Association of Special Education (IASE) is an individual willing to represent IASE in his or her nation. They communicate nationally about the goals, activities, publications, conferences, projects, volunteer opportunities, journal, newsletter, and website of IASE. Additionally, National Chairs communicate with the IASE Board to provide information about national inclusive and special education events such as conferences, workshops, research projects, volunteer projects, and other sharing opportunities in their countries. National Chairs assist in extending invitations to become active members of IASE to people who may be interested in our mission and aims. They act as IASE liaison with neighboring nations, regional partners, or other nations with historical or cultural relationships to their own. 

Nominating a National Chair

To nominate a National Chair, you must be a member of IASE with at least two prior years of membership. To become a member, see our Membership page.

Nomination is a four-step process:

1. Provide the nominee with the National Chair Information,

2. Complete the National Chair Nominator Form (Nominator Form - PDF file)

3. Inform the candidate to complete the Nominee form and submit all the documents to the nominator. (Nominee Form - PDF file)

4. Compile all documents and send to the National Chair Program Co-Coordinators  at post to: IASE National Chair Program Co-Coordinators: Dr. Carolyn Lindstrom and  Sherwin Fraser.

National Chair Committee

Morgan Chitiyo

Meghan Gallagher

Ann Hughes

Dr. Renata Ticha, IASE President

For questions or comments, please contact: Carolyn Lindstrom, Ph.D. ( or Sherwin Fraser, Guyana (

Tanzania - Lightness Mbila


Spain-María Cristina Cardona Moltó

Nigeria-John Oyundoyin


Vietnam- Dean Nga Hoang


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