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Diana Women Empowerment Organization


Sarah Rosenbloom, The Toa Nafasi Project Founder with one of her students.

TEDx Talk with Sarah

The Toa Nafasi Project


The mission of The Toa Nafasi Project is to address the needs of primary schoolchildren in Tanzania by assessing their abilities, cultivating their strengths, and resolving their weaknesses. By working in collaboration with teachers, parents, and the community at large, Toa Nafasi enriches the classroom experience and devises innovative and inspiring teaching methodologies that encourage participation and critical thinking. The goal of The Toa Nafasi Project is to elicit creativity and distinction in academic performance, extracurricular activities, and to provide each child with a chance to excel.

To date, Toa Nafasi has created and implemented an assessment tool based on the Brigance module for a pilot program to identify students with learning difficulties in a public primary school in rural Kilimanjaro. Relationships are being cultivated with local partners in order to obtain more services for students with various other disabilities.

Services and items needed are:

  • Teacher trainers for primary school children with learning difficulties;
  • Training for paraprofessionals;
  • School supplies;
  • Educational games;
  • Lesson planning books.

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Meet the New Executive Director of Toa Nafasi,  Mr. Novatus (Nova) Marandu . His previous work addressed  child sexual abuse and violence into tackling he education crisis.  He is grounded in the belief that every child needs a chance to receive a quality education. He recognizes and fosters individual talent, safety and uniqueness in all learners. He divides his time serving as the Regional Representative and Ethics Committee Chair of the National Council for NGOs in Tanzania. This is an umbrella organization for non-profits in this country.  He is also a Mandela Washington Fellow.

For more information on Toa Nafasi go to:

Diana Women Empowerment Organization

Farida Khakoo (L), Director and Marg Csapo, (R) IASE founder, meet at the site in Tanga.

The major mission of Diana Women Empowerment Organization is to provide services and empower targeted groups especially the orphans and widows living with HIV/AIDS.

Because education is an important component of this organization, they need volunteers to:

  • Provide academic assistance to orphans during school vacations; June and December;
  • Provide school fees, food, clothing and school supplies to orphans and vulnerable children.

Rev. Dr. Anneth Munga,Director of Post graduate Studies and International Relations and Linkages

SEKOMU lead staff from left: Dean Edward Bagandanshwa, Secretary Meriana Makamba, Sella Munyendo, Rev. Dr., Eberhardt Ngugi, and Dr. Andrew Mollel.

Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University - SEKOMU


In 2007 the Sebastian Kolowa University College (SEKUCo) was established under the umbrella of Tumani University. On September 30, 2012, SEKUCo was transformed into a full-fledged University known as Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU). Its core function is to provide high quality teaching, research, consultancy and outreach to local communities and to the nation. Within the Faculty of Education, they have a Department of Special Needs which provides teacher training to students from across Tanzania. A Masters of Education in Special Education (MEdSE) has recently been implemented. This site is now sustainable.  

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Eight braillers as well as materials and books have been received at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University in Magamba Tanzania. The Rev. Dr. Anneth Munga shared the attached picture of receiving a brailler. Her comment was "ASANTE SANA SANA!" Thank you very much!! These 8 braillers were refurbished at Perkins, funded by the International Association for Special Educators and the former SEKOMU Coordinating Committee of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA. It takes a village is not just a catchy phrase. It is true!

Susan Pursch - IASE Conference Liaison/Secretary

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