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Nowzuwan, Bangladesh

Volunteer Service Project Forms and Information

The IASE Volunteer Service Project volunteer assumes his/her own travel expenses, and purchases his/her own health insurance and medications needed. Some of the sites do provide lodging and some local food, but not all of them can afford these luxuries…thus the volunteer must assume these costs. IASE does not assume liability for unexpected events caused by political or natural causes which might affect the project. If the volunteer’s application form with their two letters of reference and a current CV/resume are received and approved, then a background check for criminal, terrorist, and sexual abuse/assault will be required. Anyone making an application to become an IASE volunteer must be a current paid member of the IASE.

Please access the applicable form to learn more about the Volunteer Service Project. If you are interested, then please fill out the form(s) and return to Dr. Drower, PO Box 2159, Mesa, Arizona 85214 USA or email to


Our GIVING Fund was created to share money with our Volunteer Service Project sites and to help our volunteers sustain student-centered activities. Available funds are based on yearly IASE budgets. Since the GIVING Fund started operation in 2009 until the end of 2013 this fund has distributed $32,378.78 US dollars to various volunteer sites. Also an amount of $50,000 was awarded to the Mwayi Trust in Malawi as seed money to begin construction on a Vocational Training Centre. Plus a donation of $2861 enabled the construction of soccer fields, volleyball courts and netball facilities at five elementary school sites in Malawi. A grand total of $85,239.78 US dollars has been given from the coffers of the IASE bank accounts. 


I have been blessed with this opportunity as it has been my childhood dream to teach in Africa!


It was an experience I would not trade for anything and I intend to continue to volunteer anywhere I might be helpful as often as I can.


International Association of Special Education

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