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Membership Information

IASE is an all-volunteer organization. As such, we are able to keep our membership costs low.   Annual membership is now on a rolling scale. Your membership is due a year from when you make your original payment .  Individual members and organizations belonging to the IASE receive the following benefits:

Five Membership Types

Regular – $50 - This is the membership type for most members. If you don’t qualify for any of the following, you are a regular member.

Student – $20 - This membership type is available to full-time students.

Developing Economy – $20 - To encourage international membership, prospective members from developing economies receive a reduced membership rate. Click here for our list of nations with developing economies based on the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP).

Institutional - $70 - This membership type is intended for colleges and universities that want to include our publications in their selections.

Regular + Sponsorship (from a developing economy) – $70 – This is to become a regular member and to sponsor a member from a "developing economy" country.

There are three easy methods to become a member.    Enroll on-line using a credit card account below left. Or, complete an IASE membership form and send a check and or money order to IASE Treasurer at: P.O.Box 2159, Mesa, Arizona, 85214,USA.

On-line Membership Enrollment

Click on the buttons below to pay for your membership type.

E-mail Enrollment

Postal Mail Enrollment

Member Only Sign In Page. Click on link below.


Throughout the year IASE receives requests for membership sponsorship from around the world. If you would like to support fellow special educators from developing economy nations to become members in our dynamic association, we encourage you to use the donation button to the right. For $20 you can sponsor a new member. $100.00 will pay for five new members. Click on the sponsorship button to the right to sponsor one member. Click on sponsor members for more than one sponsorship. Thank you for your support.

Sponsor A Member

Giving/VSP Donations

With the promise of a new year let us continue to embrace the future for so many around the world! Your donations are most welcome. Check out how you can help today!

Membership Around the World

IASE membership represents a global community, including members from please welcome our latest members from the Czech Republic and Iceland. 

Become a Member Today

Visit our membership page to read about membership options. Become a member now or renew your membership using the online payment system above. Or, go to our membership page, download an application form and send it in using either e-mail or postal mail.

IASE now has a rolling membership. So your membership is due one year from the date of payment. Renew Today! If you have any question feel free to contact Dr. Rachael Gonzales at



We have a new link under our MEMBERSHIP PAGE called Membership Opportunities.

Please begin to see what our members are now doing around the globe!

Check out conferences and special thanks from one of our Marg Csapo Scholarship awardees.

Life Time Members

ASE has three life time members. We are pleased to announce these most dedicated individuals who continue to give back to our profession.

  • Dr. Marg Csapo, Founder of IASE and Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia;
  • Dr. Robert Henderson, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois
  • Stan Love, Love Publishing Company

Sponsor a Member

IASE continues to reach out to members around the world as we spread the word of what IASE has to offer. Part of this comes from the generosity of our membership. Here you get an opportunity to sponsor a new member and become part of their lives. For more information, go to membership or contact our Membership Chair, Dr. Rachael Gonzales

So sponsor a member today and make a difference for your fellow educators around the globe.

Did you know that 50 countries are represented on our IASE membership rolls? We have members from every continent except Antarctica!

Membership Chair

For membership information, contact:

Dr. Rachael Gonzales

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