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Special Children Special People (SCSP)

VSP- Uganda

Special Children Special People (SCSP) was registered in 2013 as a grassroots non-profit organization to advocate, educate/ rehabilitate and empower children with disabilities and families. In order to promote inclusion, we started community inclusive programs in order to address issues of stigma, engaging the young generation for a better tomorrow.

We work with parents/caretakers of special needs children, Community based organizations, local authorities and national institutions to advocate and champion its causes under the tagline ‘Realizing the Potential of the Neglected, Transforming Lives.

Vision: ‘Fully Equipped Special Needs People for Comprehensive Community Integration’

Currently we run two campuses wisdom hub nursery and primary school and centre for neuro independence however we want to join them into one campus.


Wisdom hub nursery and primary school is a private school located in Mpigi district, 40km from Kampala. 

It was started in 2019 to provide kindergarten and primary education services in an inclusive setting. For 

many years we have had challenges to enroll children with disabilities into mainstream schools, many 

were denied an opportunity (due to stigma and myths attached to disability). At wisdom hub, any child within 

the eligible age and qualification is welcome to a non-discriminatory school without looking at 

the child’s background. 

Our services include early childhood education/ learning, daycare and inclusive primary education. The focus 

is to provide an age-appropriate, functional and inclusive education for children to meet their learning needs. 

Their needs include:

  • School supplies;
  • Adaptive Playground equipment;
  • Interactive games and teaching materials;
  • Transportation funds for field trips;
  • Snacks and awards for community meetings;
  • Teachers to share teaching techniques, skills, and expertise.


The centre handles severe cases of autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and intellectual disabilities, all 

children receive services as part of the SEN program guided by their individual education plan (IEP) and 

set targets. The program is designed basing on a multi-disciplinary team including parents, support 

staff, teachers, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, and physiotherapist 

among others. The program is highly individualized to meet the children’ unique learning 

needs including functional life skills, activities of daily living, social skills and pre-vocational training.

This program involves pre-vocational activities as well as the use of positive behavior interventions, therapeutically interventions, systematic instruction of skills across all domains of learning to foster increasing independence in the educational learning environment, and instructional plans that break down skills across all domains into manageable increments.

Their needs include:

  • Volunteers in  Speech/Language Therapy;
  • Volunteers in Structured Reading;
  • Volunteers in  Social Skills instruction;
  • Volunteers in Social Work and Parent Training;
  • Volunteers in Community Based learning;
  • Volunteers in Vocational Training Programs and Management;
  • Facilitators for team building;
  • Child and program sponsorships;
  • Technical teams related to building infrastructure.

Walk-in Services:

The center also offers free services to the community in need of therapies such as speech and language, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, and receive walk-in services. Parents accompany their child during the one to two therapy sessions each week and are provided with consultation on how to best support their child at home. For more information feel free to contact Moses Walusimbi

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