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Virtual Dialogue Series
Volunteer Service Sites Around the Globe

August 26, 2023

Special Thank you to all of our participants and our keynote speakers.  This was a very passionate and informative session. See attached powerpoints from all of our presenters.  Looking forward to our next Dialogue in November, 2023.  Stay Tuned.

Virtual Dialogue Series

IASE National Chairs  April 22, 2023

Special thanks to our National co- chair Coordinators Carolyn and Sherwin for organizing our last webinar. Kuddos to our participants for engaging and for attending this session. We had over 11 countries represented from around the world.

Awesome presentations were given by two of our National Chairs Dr. Ash, Toronto Canada and Dr.Anu from India. Special welcome to our new National Chairs from Vietnam, Spain, Nigeria, and Uganda.  Check out Dr. Ash too!

Volunteer Service Key Note Speakers August Dialogue

Powerpoint Presentations

Save the Date!

IASE 7th Virtual Dialogue Meeting

Parents as Partners and Advocates Part II

2 April, 2022 9am-11am EST

We had a wonderful time during our first 6 Virtual Dialogue Meetings. 

Thank you to all who attended! We cannot wait to see you in April!

Virtual Dialogues           Dec. 2, 2023

With our virtual dialogue series IASE aims to provide a privileged space for reflection, exchange of ideas, dialogue, knowledge of good practices and debates on inclusive and quality education across the lifespan, aiming to weave and deepen networks that allow us to move towards an egalitarian society with greater social justice with all people included.  

IASE virtual dialogues have been running successfully over the past few years and give participants the opportunity to engage with critical thinkers and innovative research findings.  

We hope our membership has enjoyed these dialogues and  we look forward to more in the upcoming year.

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