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Annuntiatus - our quarterly newsletter

The Annuntiatus, the IASE newsletter, is published four times a year - spring, summer, fall, and winter. The newsletter usually includes a lead article about the upcoming biennial conference, a report from the President, notes from the field, highlights from Volunteer Service Project sites, a financial summary and more.

To receive 2024 issues, become an IASE member.   See our Membership page.

Past issues:

2023: February, May, August,  November

2022: February, May, August, November

2021:  February, May, August, November

2020February, May August, December

2019:   February, July, September, November

2018:   Feb, July, September, November

2017:  February, May, August, November

2016:   February,    May,     August,     November

2015:   February    May   August November

2014:   February, May, August, November

2013:    Fall,   Summer,   Spring,   Winter

2012:    Fall  Summer  Spring,   Winter

2011:    Fall    Spring,   Winter

2010:    Fall  Summer,   Spring

Newsletter Editor

Monerah N. Al-Dubayan

Doctoral Student, Special Education

College of Education | University of Maryland

Newsletter Committee

Iris Drower, Arizona, USA

Brenda Lazarus, North Carolina, USA

Virginia MacEntee - New York, USA

Melanie Reed- Canada

Renata Ticha, Minnesota, USA

Zandile, Nkabinde, New Jersey, USA

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