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Mwayi Trust


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

First Graduating Class

Grand Opening of Mwayi Trust Vocational College Celebration Dances and Music.

Building From the Ground Up

Sponsorship Program 

Primary education is free in Malawi but Secondary School is not. For many large rural families or child headed families it becomes difficult if not impossible to pay school fees and for all the other necessary requirements for school. This is one reason the enrollment rates for Secondary Schools are so low. Many youth who should and want to attend secondary school simply can not afford to do so. So

Mwayi Trust is encouraging donations for this most worthy cause.

Homework Centre

The homework centres assist these children through enlisting the help of secondary school students as volunteer peer educators. Mwayi Trust initially identified four primary schools and their neighbor high schools to participate in the program. Each secondary school asked for volunteers from their student body to give some of their time as peer educators. The volunteers were trained on how to create a positive learning environment, tutoring, peer support and other relevant skills.

Mwayi Trust

The primary schools identified children who would benefit from receiving assistance in a homework centre. The homework centres now operate three afternoons a week after school for one and a half hours.

The homework centre program has been a success. Other districts in the country would like to start the programs.

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