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Iris Drower, Ph.D.

Dr. Drower holds a Ph.D. from the Loughborough University, UK. She has over 30 years of experience as an educator, parent advocate, teacher-trainer, and administrator, working in a variety of public, charter and private settings with a diverse student population from birth to post-doctorate level. She is located in Phoenix, Arizona (even though she still claims Chicago as her true home). She currently works with graduate students in the field of teacher preparation as well as an inclusion specialist and trainer with a public school system. She has presented and conducted research in seven continents covering over 35 countries in the field of special needs education. Her primary area of expertise is in the area of Down syndrome, severe and profound disabilities as well as learning disabilities. Her specific research focus is on inclusion, collaborative practices, and assistive technology. Other interests include her involvement in the Phoenix Sister City program, women empowerment through Empeace labs (UCP-Sarnet), India and working models for children with Down syndrome and autism in Vietnam. These international experiences make it clear that wherever we are in the world we need to address issues that deal with educating all students with special needs.

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