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Welcome to the On-line Submission Form to present a proposal for IASE's 14th Biennial Conference, New Dimensions Toward Education, Advocacy and Collaboration for Individuals with Special Needs .    Please be sure to review of the criteria for submitting proposals prior to completing your document.

Review your proposal thoroughly before submitting. Proposals should be submitted in English. All proposals are stored in a secure database.

All proposals are due on or before 1 October 2014.   All presenters will be required to pay for their own attendance and registration fees.


The Program Chairpersons, will select proposals based on the following criteria:

(A) Importance of the Topic to the Field,

(B) Usefulness to Practitioners,

(C) Relevance to Learners, Families, and/or Educators of Diverse Groups, and

(D) Relevance and contribution to the field of Special Education.

1. Title of Presentation (Limit to 12 words - longer titles will be edited)*

2. Abstract (Limit to 50 words)*

3. Type of Session Requested*

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4. Will you accepted another Session Type?*

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5. Will you accept an alternative session length?*

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6. Focus Area:*

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7. Primary TOPIC AREA:*

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8. Target audience (select up to 2):*

9. Last Name (Primary Presenter):*

10. First Name (Primary Presenter):*

11. School/Organization*

12. Mailing Address:*

13. Mobile Number:*

14. E-mail address:*

15. Number of Presenters Including Primary Proposer:*

16. Name(s) of additional presenter(s) (if applicable)?

17. Last Name (Second Presenter if applicable):

18. First Name:

19. Position and Title:

20. School/Organization:

21. Mailing Address:

22. Mobile Number:

23. E-mail Address:

24. Last Name (3rd Presenter if applicable):

25. First Name:

26. Position and Title:

27. School/Organization:

28. Mailing Address:

29. Mobile Number:

30. E-mail Address:

Thank you for your proposal submission for the 14th Biennial IASE Conference. All proposals will be peer reviewed. You will receive an e-mail regarding the status of your proposal prior to November 15, 2014. If questions, please contact Dr. James Chapple, Conference Co-Chair & Program Co-Chair, at

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