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Sebastain Kolowa University College - SekuCo


SekuCo provides college students from across Tanzania with teacher training in special education.

Service/support requested:

  • Special needs are in areas of Vision and Hearing Impairment;
  • Textbooks for students are critically needed;
  • Guest Lecturers;
  • Workshop conveners;
  • Campus school volunteers;
  • Books for the campus school and library;
  • Volunteers: Various amounts of time; various times of the year.

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(pictured above: Graduation ceremony held December 4, 2010 at SekuCo. This is the first graduation

ceremony to award a Bachelor's diploma in Special Education in the history of Tanzania.)

Our GIVING Project is meant to share funding with our Volunteer Service sites and to help our IASE volunteers sustain student-centered activities. Available funds will be based on yearly IASE budgets. Below are the GIVING Guidelines and the GIVING Funding Application form.

~ GIVING Guidelines

~ GIVING Funding Application form

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