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Keynote Speaker - Mary Jane Trunzo

Mary Jane Trunzo from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical Director of the Arizona Institute for Communication and Cognitive Disorders, and founder and co-chair of the Phoenix Sister Cities Disabilities Awareness Committee (DAC) will

discuss how her career goes …beyond our borders. For over 32 years, she has worked with children and adults with communication disorders, particularly those with acquired and traumatic brain injuries. Mary Jane has co-authored a clinical textbook on communication and coping skills and has accomplished research in the area of neurogenic-based communication disorders. She has also lectured and provided training workshops throughout Arizona and the United States on traumatic brain injury, particularly in the areas of Post-Concussive Disorder and Pediatric Brain Injury. Ms. Trunzo has received numerous awards for her outstanding work in the area of acquired brain injury and was admitted to Valley Leadership's ranks for her leadership role in the community.

In addition, under Ms. Trunzo's leadership, DAC has won national disability awards almost yearly for its International Competition for Artists with Disabilities and the International Competition for Writers with Disabilities and other projects which promote disability awareness both locally and globally through Phoenix's sister city connections. According to Mary Jane, “these competitions signify that despite differences among people, we all inhabit the same earth and we all are exposed to the specific challenges of our personal lives. If we are to preserve our world, we need to seek common ground to either reconcile or accept our differences.”

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