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Guidelines for Conference Proceedings Vietnam 2022

Author Guidelines

IASE Proceedings, 2022 Conference – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, July 10–14

“Building an Inclusive Culture Worldwide”

Please adhere to the guidelines provided here when developing your manuscript for submission. Papers that DO NOT adhere to these guidelines WILL NOT be accepted for publication. IASE retains the right to edit all manuscripts; in most cases, manuscripts WILL NOT be returned to authors for revisions. The first author will be notified of receipt of the submission of the manuscript. If you have questions, contact Dr. Gulnoza Yakubova at

1.Developing the Manuscript.

►Be consistent in content, organization, and style with professional publication standards and the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.), with the exceptions listed below. (If you do not have access to this book, you might consult:

Please see “SAMPLE” manuscript which is included with this communication.

►Use RTF format or Microsoft Word

►Use 12-point, Times New Roman font.

►Use 1-inch margins (do not right justify pages).

►Double space all pages.

►Do not number pages.

►Do not use tables and figures.

►Make certain all citations are complete and correct and in accordance with the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).

2.Finalizing your Manuscript

►LIMIT your paper to 4 double-spaced, computer-generated pages including references, but excluding title page and biographical information.

►Title page should include (a) title of the manuscript in capital letters, (b) author names, (c) affiliation/institution, (d) mailing address, and e-mail. This information should be centered on the page.

►Biographical Information – should include a 50-word biography for each author, including credentials and should be at the end of the paper following the references.

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically by March 1, 2022.

Send Electronic Submissions to:

Gulnoza Yakubova, Ph.D.


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