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17th  Biennial Conference Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam​

July 10-14, 2022

"Building An Inclusive Culture."

See you in Pilsen,Czech Republic

at The University of West Bohemia

Pre Conference site visits: June 27, 2024

Conference: June 28-July 1, 2024


Dress and represent your country at our Biennial  Gala event on July 1st at 6 pm.  This year our gala event will be at the Neo-Renaissance building of Burgher’s Hall (Měšťanská beseda).  Enjoy the  glorious Art-Nouveau decor and interior. Since it was completed in 1901, the Hall has served as both a social and cultural hub. This is within walking distance of the old town square.  Location

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The 18th Biennial Conference will be held at the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic
 Theme: Supporting Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Across the Lifespan

 June 27(optional site visits). See Site Options.  Sign up here!  Enjoy the preview of what is to come!
 Conference begins from June 28-July 1, 2024.  Check our Conference link for more updates or click on the photo above.
Mark your calendar! Explore this amazing city by going to:

Stay tuned.....the conference program will be up in May. Stay tuned!   For now click  here for other updates!
For more information on how you can be part of our conference committees contact Dr. Renata Ticha  
For more information on proposal submissions contact. Dr. Kalynn Pistorio at

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The "Inclusion Collection" at the IASE conference is composed of five distinct exhibitions, each of which is designed to highlight a specific topic, but also to emphasise different points of view. Leading the showcase is "My Life," a presentation by Art for All from the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota, United States.  This exhibition eloquently captures the journeys of transition students from the Czech Republic and the United States, utilizing evocative photographs to document their daily lives and articulate their dreams for the future.

The carefully curated displays promise a thought provoking and visually stimulating experience for all those who visit.


Imagine the hopeful impact if we were to all commit to adding more heart wherever we go thus increasing our care, compassion and tolerance of one another's point of view.

Let us begin to open new doors, spin new stories and learn more about the heart of the Czech Republic in 2024.



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Shewin Fraser - Deputy Principal, 

President's College, Guyana

IASE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The registered agent is located at 700 Pilgrim Parkway, Suite 104, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, 53122-2063 USA. Our IASE Federal ID# is 43-1974089.

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Dr. Marg Csapo

Dr. Bob Henderson

Mr.Stan Love

Reflecting on 2017, I must thank you and the Board of IASE for giving me the opportunity to participate in the 15th Biennial Conference in Perth Australia through the Marg Csapo Scholarship. It has created new horizons for me and has also inspired many people with whom I work in Guyana, because there are very limited opportunities for Guyanese in these areas despite the amazing work done in the field of Special Education.

If you wish to pay by check you can mail this to IASE c/o P.O. Box 2159, Mesa Arizona, 85214, USA. Membership is now due the date you make payment so check with our membership chair if you have any further questions. For more about joining IASE go to IASE Benefits. All other membership inquiries contact:

Welcome to our new payment system. is one of the safest gateways out there. They're well known as one of the most secure solutions on the market. To become a member you can join by using our Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account which accepts credit cards and deposits funds automatically into our bank account.  All amounts are in US dollars. Please note you have three choices of cards (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), Just click on the buttons to the left under Membership Type for our dues. Click on the buttons to the right to sponsor a new member, to contribute to the Marg Csapo Scholarship and for general donations. Just click on the payment for you! Please note your membership is good for one year from the month that you have joined. 

Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan is nearing 50 years of a magnificent and meaningful journey of its accompanying children and young at risk by handholding them to a purposeful life and helping them to restructure their dreams. ‘The Lost Childhood… Found Again’ is a documentary of this 50 years of journey.


Golden Jubilee.jpeg

The month of August 2024 began with the first event for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of SPJ Sadhana School, the Inauguration of the Memory Wall. The unveiling of the Memory Wall revealed the emerging story of 50 years of the school. An important aspect was the Golden Jubilee Logo, which celebrates the milestone of 50 years and symbolizes the promise to continue the journey onwards.


Memories are special moments that tell our story. Today as we unveil the memory wall, we will know of the emerging story of SPJ Sadhana School. The school has journeyed for 50 years. As the school marched courageously decade after decade, there has been so much growth. Growth in its infrastructure began from a tiny school operating out of a small space/classroom to now a 4 floor school housing classes, vocational training and so many therapies. 

Growth in its curriculum grew from one that is updated regularly with the latest in the field of special education to a holistic integrated curriculum. 

Growth continued in methodologies, approaches, number of students and educators. 

Empowering  special needs students leads to their growth. Every student who has reached the door of the school climbs its steps and runs through the corridor. We have been able to empower the students to a level of advocating INCLUSION.  Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories and the best thing about memories is making them. 


Become A Volunteer At Our Other VSP  Sites


EDUCACIÓN Y FAMILIA, Barranquilla, Colombia

The foundation PROSEFAM operates in the south-west of Barranquilla, Colombia. This VSP site has been developing a school that works with children, the elderly, and young people with psycho-sociable problems by providing free education, AIDS and Legal support of guidance in general. Check out more information on PROSEFAM by visiting our site too! Below you can see children welcoming IASE volunteers in style.

After 17 years...…. The Kianh Foundation (Dien Ban Day Centre) is the literal blood, sweat, tears and commitment of Jackie Wrafter M.B.E (and her dedicated team).

In June 2018 Jackie was deservedly recognized on the Queen's honours list and received an M.B.E at Buckingham Palace this December. Jackie exemplifies the power of authenticity and resolve. Jackie thanks for being such a visionary and changemaker. We are proud to have you as one of our VSP sites.

Dien Ban Day Centre, Vietnam

Dien Ban has one of the highest proportions of disadvantaged children and children with disabilities in Central Vietnam. Based on government records, there are over 1,000 children with disabilities and or special needs living in Dien Ban, the majority of whom do not have access to any kind of support services. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact number of children with disabilities in this area as we regularly encounter children who are not listed on any government list.

To address this need, the Kianh Foundation built a custom-designed Day Centre for children with disability. The centre is the first of its kind in the region and will address a critical gap by providing much-needed special education and therapies such as physiotherapy and speech 

to children with disabilities.

IASE has been working with Dien Ban Day Centre since its opening in 2012. This centre is the first of its kind in the region and addresses a critical gap by providing much-needed special education and therapies such as physiotherapy and speech to children with special needs.

We named it Kianh after a young boy who had Cerebral Palsy. His parents had both died in an accident and he had been placed in an orphanage with his older brother and sister. His day to day life was dire but he was still very happy and smiley and extremely beautiful and charismatic.

Jackie Wrafter-Director and Co Founder

At two years of age, Trang is the youngest full time student at the Centre.

Children at Dien Ban Day Centre

Check out an amazing organic garden at Dien Ban Day Centre.

There is no better way for our children to learn about the natural world around them, and to nurture a respect and love for it, than in this safe and lush environment.

Latest Video about Jackie and Dien Ban Day Centre

In Memory of our Founder

Dr. Marg Csapo

The IASE Story Continues...

She loved every minute of the journey so far in hopes that others continue her legacy of giving back!

An Idea is Born

More than one billion people around the world, of whom nearly 93 million are children, live with some form of disability. Persons with disabilities experience inequalities in their daily lives, and have fewer opportunities to access a quality education which takes place in an inclusive environment. In 1989, the non-profit International Association of Special Education (IASE) was founded with the vision to improve the quality of life and service delivery for all individuals with special needs. IASE gives individuals an opportunity for collaboration across borders by learning from each other. With the help of local and invited experts, participants search for effective strategies to learn how to organize relevant leadership training in their home countries.


"Achieving inclusive and quality education for all reaffirms the belief that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development " (Sustainable Development Goal 4). So as we approach another year let us continue to hear about your stories and how IASE has impacted you!

Joining IASE is a life-time investment.

IASE is an international organization working with people in more than 50 countries to create lasting solutions. IASE is a non-profit, tax-exempt association under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. Our IASE Federal ID# is 43-1974089.


IASE is an international organization working with people in more than 50 countries to create lasting solutions. IASE is a non-profit, tax-exempt association under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. Our IASE Federal ID# is 43-1974089.

Volunteer Service Projects (VSP)

In 2005 the Board of the International Association of Special Education approved the establishment of the IASE Volunteer Service Committee. This committee focuses on supporting the Volunteer Service Projects (VSPs) at sites around the world.


These projects provide further assistance in the area of special education service to agencies, schools, and organizations by sharing professional expertise, materials, and tools for educators and students in developing countries. The volunteers who provide this nondenominational altruistic service are IASE members. All staff and volunteers receive no monetary remuneration.


The IASE GIVING Funds are used specifically to support our Volunteer Service Project sites. This allows each site to operate and transform over time into a change agent within their respective country.

Through the generosity of our IASE members we were able to sponsor 25 Tanzanian Teachers

 (registration fees) to attend our past 16th Biennial  conference in Magamba, Tanzania, 2019.  Thanks for making this happen!


IASE Outcomes

  • We now have 12 VSP sites in seven developing countries;
  • We have several VSP sites that are now sustaining themselves;
  • We have collected data on the success of our VSP sites;
  • We are in the process of writing and publishing a book on these VSP projects;
  • Several of our sites have publications on research and best practice;
  • Support for workshops between volunteers and youth;
  • Support for workshops at VSP sites with local educators;
  • Creation of a short documentary on the social impact of these projects;
  • Biennial Conferences showcasing best practices and research around the world;
  • Produce an annual refereed Journal;
  • Publish quarterly newsletters;
  • Provide opportunities for IASE members to network, collaborate, publish, and interact internationally.
  • Provide information on our rich history, research and so much more!

Check this off your 2024 list! Begin the year by making differences around the globe and donate today! Your generous support is most welcome. Check out our VSP sites today.

Thanks to the generous donations from our members, 12 teachers were able to attend the conference in Vietnam. Dr. Renata Ticha (IASE President ) congratulates all attendees during 17th Biennial Conference in HCMC, Vietnam , 2022.

The online journal has transferred its editorial office from Canada to Poland. The Journal is indexed in international bases, among others, in Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science) and SCOPUS. Now the time has come to take another step and we hope we can continue the path taken by Dr. Marg Csapo, in her memory as well as honor her legacy.  Professor Małgorzata Sekułowicz, who cooperated and was friends with Dr. Csapo for many years, will become the chief of editorial board. 

We welcome submissions free of charge to everyone who is interested in special education, inclusive practices, social services, community development, advocacy, empowerment or is a student of special education. If you are bilingual with English being your second language and done research and/or have practical experience in the area of special needs, especially working with children and school age youth and their families in school and/or social setting, Consider submitting your work for consideration to be published in our upcoming issues. Please submit your manuscript via e-mail to .

Feel free to review all issues and publishing process by going to  our new website at:


IASE Documents

Visit the More link to view all documents, forms and publications. Some of the IASE documents are saved as PDF files and you will need Adobe Reader to open them.    Click here to download a free version of Adobe Reader

For More Information Contact: IASE c/o P.O. Box 2159, Mesa, Arizona 85214


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