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The Newest Volunteer Service Project Site - Funprosefam

By Luz Narvaez and Cap Lee

(Published in the February 2014 issue of Annuntiatus)

FUNPROSEFAM is an inclusive school and community center designed to teach the whole child as an individual. Reaching into the community for the past 30 years to provide education as well as social services to children, youth, adults and seniors, the foundation prepares them for the world through a realistic hands-on approach which includes the understanding of English as a second language. Funprosefam serves the impoverished community on the south west side of Barranquilla, Colombia, in South America. Only 10% of the parents can afford to pay a small fee, thus 90% pay nothing at all. The fully certified teachers who also live in this poor neighborhood are most dedicated to serve the neighbor’s children for no salary.

The mission of Funprosefam is “prosperity, education and family”…with family being the fundamental institution of society. The goal is to expand the school/community center to serve 120 students which would include 30 special needs students, most of whom have never been to a school. There are limited teaching training opportunities in this country, but the local Universidad del Atlántico is interested in teaming up to promote services and education for those who have shown a willingness and interest to become teachers. Via the outreach program many community center attendees are able to access services that they need.

Luz reads a story to some of her young students

Some family performances

Proud students with their work

There are many dreams for Funprosefam, such as a salary for certified teachers, training of teachers to gain expertise to serve special students, to have enough funds to purchase new school furniture, like chairs and tables, new books, a copy machine and a computer that works! Because Funprosefam has become the newest IASE Volunteer Service Project site, the GIVING Fund has been able to provide the Spanish version of the Brigance Inventory of Early Development. When the teachers are trained, they will be able to assess new students and find a baseline at which they can begin to teach. They will also be able to write individual plans for each student, and monitor their growth and development.

The GIVING Fund has also provided new gardening tools and now students can collaborate with local seniors to create a Gardening Project behind the school building. The students will have the opportunity to learn to prepare the soil, then plant, weed, water, and care for their plants.

We are thankful for the support of IASE and look forward to continued collaboration with their volunteers. The parents, teachers and assistants of some of our students were once students here themselves. We welcome you to come and join our community to help make some dreams come true!

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