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Anupriya Chadha - India

Dr. Chadha is associated with the Inclusive Education component of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA - The Indian Chapter for the global Education For All Campaign) and the District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) since 10 years. Both the programmes are implemented by the Government of India and aim to universalize elementary education in India. Anu is working at the national level for Inclusive Education of Children With Disabilities. Her work involves planning, policy-making and monitoring at the national level, and providing technical inputs to all the 35 state SSA Mission Societies across the country. Under this programme, Dr. Chadha has helped the states to identify 3.14 million children with disabilities and cover 2.92 million (92.76%) children with disabilities through regular schools, school readiness programmes and home-schooling.

Anu has been an IASE member for approximately 10 years and was one of the first to apply for volunteers in our Volunteer Service Project. She created the Sankalp Society to serve itinerant children in a village in the state of Harayana, which is located five hours drive north of Delhi. See more information about this project on our VSP-India webpage.

Contact Information




NEW- DELHI: 110067


Telephone: 91-11-9810203712

e-mail address:

Key Achievements

  • National Award Recipient (2007) for Best Professional Working for the Cause of Persons With Disabilities.
  • Developed monitoring tools for Inclusive Education in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), which are being used by all State SSA Mission Societies.
  • Published a Manual on Implementation of Inclusive Education under SSA, which has been widely disseminated.
  • Conducted Evaluation Study on the Inclusive Education Programme under District Primary Education Programme for the State Government of Jharkhand- India, June 2006.
  • Conducted a an Evaluation Study of the Efficacy of functioning of a NGO in Inclusive Education Programme for UNICEF, Bihar in March 2006.
  • Member of the study undertook by World Bank on Status of Inclusive Education in India in 2005. Did a case study on Status of Education of Children With Disabilities in Orissa, as a part of this study.
  • Undertook a study for Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India in 2005. This study was an evaluation of the Inclusive Education Project implemented in two States jointly by the Govt. of India and UNDP.
  • Nominated as the Govt. of India Nominee for the 19th DPEP Joint Review Mission, which is a Mission of both GOI nominees and funding agencies partners to visit States to assess the progress of programme implementation.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Empowering the Marginalized through Inclusive Education” in an international conference in Spain, July, 2009.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Evaluation of a Pilot Project on Inclusive Education in India” in an international conference in Hong- Kong, June, 2007.
  • Presented a paper entitled Learning to Educate: Teacher Empowerment through Training in an international conference in Poland, 2001.
  • Reviewed Education Practices in Hong-Kong, 2000.
  • Attended a UN- ESCAP conference on Inclusive Education in Bangkok, 1999. (UNESCO funded assignment)
  • Presented a paper entitled, Special Education – The Foundation of Empowerment in Australia, 1999.
  • Presented a paper entitled Culturally Relevant Partnerships between Parents and Professionals in South Africa, 1997. (University sponsored assignment)
  • Conducted workshops on Early Childhood in University of Wisconsin- USA.

DPEP/SSA Publications for Govt. of India

Published 13 bi-annual newsletters- Confluence in Inclusive Education in SSA.

Documented Community- based Practices in Inclusive Education in SSA States in 2006.

Prepared a book “Discovering New Paths in Inclusion- A Documentation of Home-Based Education Practices for Children with Special Needs in SSA” in July 2006.

Published a book entitled NGO Initiative in Inclusion: The SSA Experience- December 2005. This book documents various ways in which NGO is involved in different States in the process of Inclusive Education.

A Journey Towards Inclusive Schools in DPEP- September 2003. This book documents good practices and strategies for inclusion in different States.

Other Publications

Published “Educating Children With Behaviour Problems” in December 2009.

Published “Educating Children With Autism” in May 2008.

Published “Special Education- Helping Children With Attention Problems” in July 2007.

Published a Book “Khel Khel Mein Seekhna” (Learning Through Games) in December 2006.

Published Manuals for Training of Teachers to teach Children with Learning Difficulties, Unistar Publishers, 2004. These are a set of 7 manuals dealing with concept, identification, pedagogical strategies and behavior modification of children with Learning Difficulties.

Published Manuals for Training of Teachers to teach Children with Special Needs Unistar Publishers. These are a set of 5 manuals intended to expose teachers to the needs of children of various disabilities.

Publication of two books You and Your Special Child by UBSPD, 2003 and A Guide for Educating Children with Learning Disabilities by Vikas Publishing House- India, 1999.

Prepared a handbook on Learning Disabilities for primary school teachers for DPEP.

Prepared a brochure Special Education: Vision 2000 – Empowerment through Education.

Prepared a booklet Pre-integration Skills: Preparing Children with Special Needs for School for DPEP.

Published seventeen articles on Psychology and Education in the National Dailies – The Times of India and Hindustan Times.

Journal Publications

Evaluation Study of a Pilot Project on Inclusive Education in India. Journal of International Association of Special Education, 2007.

Instructional Interventions for Children with Special Needs in The Voice, Vol. XIV No. 2: July- December 2005.

Frontiers of Openness in Inclusive Schooling in OSAC Journal of Open Schooling, 2003.

The Inclusive Initiative in India and Special Education: The Foundation for Empowerment, Journal of International Association of Special Education, 2000.

The Enigma of Learning Disabilities, Journal of Disability & Rehabilitation, 2001.

Education of the Disabled Children, Indian Council of Child Welfare Journal, 2000. 

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