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Volunteer Service Projects

The International Association of Special Education (IASE) Volunteer Service Project (VSP) has been created and organized by volunteers. In 2005 the IASE Board approved a proposal to establish a Volunteer Service Project Committee. In August of 2006 the IASE Board approved the Vision and Mission statements prepared by the committee. No one was salaried or paid for any expenses involved to develop the volunteer sites for our IASE members. The expenses to conduct this project all come from the pockets of our volunteers.


Because there is a shortage of expertise in special education in many developing countries, and the International Association of Special Education with vast special educational experience, our vision is to facilitate the identification of special educational needs in developing countries and connect a volunteer resource person with a site. Our goal is to improve the lives of children with special needs by sharing professional expertise and experience plus promoting goodwill between all cultures.


The Volunteer Service Project of the International Association of Special Education will provide assistance in the area of special education to agencies, schools and organizations by sharing professional expertise with teachers in developing countries. The volunteers who provide this nondenominational altruistic service are IASE members.


These sites are constantly updated with new information, articles, and photos.

Please click here to visit our Volunteer Service Sites.


The people of Chileka give their sincere thanks to IASE as they understand the opportunities and impact this Vocational Training Centre will have for their youth.


THANKS to all of you at IASE…we appreciate your kindness and caring…you have truly made a difference….


International Association of Special Education

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