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Songshoptaque Insights

by Sawrav Barua, Songshoptaque CEO

In hopes that negative attitudes of the Bangladeshi society toward people with disabilities can be changed via the use of positive mass media, Songshoptaque has addressed the issue by taking a bold step. By using music and drama to eliminate some social barriers, Songshoptaque leaders have produced, “ANNO ALO”.  

"Anno Alo" CD supported by IASE

The International Association of Special Education (IASE ) GIVING Fund has helped to support this Audio/Video CD performed by four visually disabled and three physically disabled clients. Music direction and recording was directed by Farid Bangabashi, owner of Monalisa Recording Studio. The video was taped in a variety of places around Chittigong, Bangladesh. To view a video of IASE VSP chairs, Mary Gale Budzisz and Marg Csapo, meeting with the CD producers and performers, click here.

Very few initiatives have been implemented in Bangladesh to promote and highlight the

strengths of people with disabilities. This CD showcases the talents of these performers. They have attained more self-confidence, enhanced their own dignity, and are learning how to access their own rights. By helping our clients to overcome their disabilities by using their abilities, they are beginning to gain a more positive status in their own communities. Some are now attending colleges and universities and some are freelance artists.

Pictured above are singers Jahid Anowar and Umma Tanjila Munia. To see a video of their performance entitled, "Ja Matir Buka Ghumia Acha", from the Anno Alo CD, click here.

To view some more YouTube videos from the CD, select from the list below:

Other Songshoptaque Projects and Photos

Songshoptaque is also involved with a variety of other projects to help establish the rights of marginalized people. We use many cultural activities to raise awareness. By helping and providing aid to schools, child development centers, and also child-care based at garment factories we strive to improve the quality of life for our Bangladeshi people.

Left: Sawrav Barua, CEO, presenting some gifts.

Below, IASE Volunteer Service Project Committee Chairs, Mary Gale Budzisz and Marg Csapo, with Songshoptaque clients.

International Association of Special Education

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