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The Toa Nafasi Project

The mission of The Toa Nafasi Project is to address the needs of primary schoolchildren in Tanzania by assessing their abilities, cultivating their strengths, and resolving their weaknesses. By working in collaboration with teachers, parents, and the community at large, Toa Nafasi enriches the classroom experience and devises innovative and inspiring teaching methodologies that encourage participation and critical thinking.

2014 IASE Visit

(from August 2015 issue of Annuntiatus)

"Thursday was another learning experience with the pleasure of meeting Susan Michell a special educational consultant who also has created Masijo Tours which specializes in tourism for our special populations. She also has plans to construct lodging which will be handicapped accessible. She drove us to Moshi to connect with our final visitation site. Sarah Rosenbloom and Angie Stone-McDonald welcomed us to the Toa Nafasi Project located in a local elementary school. They have assessed 160 primary students and are presently helping about 25 of the most needy students. A pull out support program has been implemented and students are getting help in literacy and numeracy. We were lucky to be able to spend some time in their classroom. Then shopping for school supplies was much fun."

2013 IASE Visit

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