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Sneak Peak Of Our Keynote Speakers

Walter McGuire will be presenting ' Welcome to Perth' at our Opening Reception on Sunday June 25, 2017. Walter McGuire is a well-respected Nyungar man around Perth. He is a descendent of several Aboriginal tribal clans of the South West of Western Australia.

From childhood, Walter was schooled in the Nyungar culture, language and customs by his parents and recognized Elders, including those of related tribal groups. He will share his culture with deep reverence for his Ancestors, fellow Nyungar and First Peoples of Australia and the world over. 

Gerard Neesham, recipient of the John Curtin Medal, has used football, which has been an important part of his life, to build something that has profound, long term benefits for both individuals and the community. Gerard was an Australian Rules footballer in both the Western Australian Football League (WAFL) and the Victorian Football League. He then displayed his leadership skills as a coach. Through his coaching roles Gerard established a connection with young Aboriginal footballers, and became aware of the cycle of disadvantage and disengagement confronting many Indigenous youth. Gerard developed a vision of using football to encourage young Indigenous students to re-engage with education. He will discuss the development of his vision and football academy at the Clontarf College and how this model is now being introduced in Queensland and South Australia.

Registration Overview 

Please register on or before February 1, 2017 to take advantage of the Early Bird registrant fee and save $100.00 US. Registration will continue through April 1, 2017 for presenters and May 1, 2017 for all conference delegates. You may register and pay on-line credit or debit,via e-mail or via postal mail. An email confirmation will be send upon receipt and processing of your registration. PLEASE note that no credit cards will be accepted on-site at the conference.

We are very pleased to invite researchers and practitioners working in the school environment and from different parts of the world to join us for our 15th IASE Biennial conference that will involve keynote speakers; paper presentations; symposium presentations; workshops; poster round-table presentations; and site visits. It is really a worldwide international event for researchers, educators, professors, students, policy makers, administrators to work in collaboration with each other. We hope you will also find the various types of sessions and events interesting. These will cover topics of relevance to our field. Our Program schedule will be up shortly.

Dr. Morgan Chitiyo is Professor and Director of the Special Education Program at Duquesne University in the USA. He is currently co-editor of the African Journal of Special and Inclusive Education and former editor of The Journal of the International Association of Special Education. Morgan served as the IASE Proceedings Chair for recent IASE conferences in Namibia, Canada and Poland. He also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs. His current research projects include exploring autism, behavioral disorders and special education teacher preparation and professional development in Africa. Dr. Chitiyo will be addressing: Establishing a Sustainable Framework for the Development of Special Education in Africa.

Dr. Kim Poon-McBrayer is currently Associate Head of Department of Education Policy & Leadership

and Director of the Center for Childhood Research & Innovation at the Education University of Hong Kong.

She was on faculty at Monmouth University in the United States, University of Hong Kong, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Plus, she has been a visiting professor at the University of Brunei and St. Joseph’s University in Macao. Dr. Poon-McBrayer has been a teacher and teacher educator for over 35 years,plus she previously served as an IASE Board Officer and a Consulting Editor for The Journal of the International Association of Special Education. Dr. PoonMcBrayer will be addressing:From InclusivEducation to Lifelong Inclusivity:Till death do us part.

Michael Tait is the Chief Executive Officer of Rocky Bay, an organisation that has been providing community services in Western Australia for over 75 years. Rocky Bay is a leading provider of disability services for individuals with disabilities in Western Australia. Mr. Tait will share the achievements of this organization, breadth of services, equipment and facilities, and how they offer support tailored to each individual and their families. 

From humble beginnings in 1998, this volunteer work force has grown to more than 100, mainly being retired people. They machine, assemble, control quality, box the wheelchair components and load the boxes into sea containers; other volunteers make cushion covers, rugs and knitted toys to accompany our finished product. Brother Olly and Bob Sheridan will talk about the success of this organization and how so many are making differences for children all over the world 

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