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Darlington Changara - Zimbabwe

Dr. Darlington Changara has been a community health leader working to teach and build HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and community supports in Zimbabwe. In particular, he has been a leader in teaching healthy lifestyles to young people and encouraging compassionate community responses to citizens with HIV/AIDS. He has also been a leader in research and development in the fields of community health and education in Zimbabwe.

Darlington is the director of the Midlands AIDS Caring Organisation. His organisation works with vulnerable children, mainly orphaned children, who are stigmatized and discriminated against. They provide psychosocial training to schools through school-based clubs so that teachers are able to deal with emotions of these vulnerable children.

"My vision for special education is a stigma free education which allows students with special education needs having equal treatment and opportunities in the world. "

Contact Information


Midlands AIDS Caring Organisation

817 Goddard Road

Bag 696



Tel: +263 51 3950/4199

Fax: +263 51 3029

Cell: +263 773 829 875


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