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Get Ready for the 18th Biennial IASE Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Updated: Jan 3

It is now January 1, 2024. It is the time to start planning your visit and participation in the IASE International Special Education Conference in conjunction with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic which will be held from June 28-July 1, 2024

You need to start considering your travel and accommodation options for the conference

Information regarding the entire conference can be accessed on our IASE website:



International Airlines that fly into Prague (Letiste Vaclava Havla Airport):

Air France, Delta, Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Easy Jet, KLM Airlines, Korean Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, British Air, Brussels Airlines, El Al, Emirates, China Airlines and Air Canada.

Transportation from Prague to Pilsen

There are both train and bus connections between Prague and Pilsen. 

Both buses and trains depart from the main train station in the city center. Buses to Pilsen also depart from the Praha - Zličín and Praha - Florenc stops. 

You can find out about the individual connections and timetables on the website

In case of train transportation, ticket may be purchased either at the train station or online at Bus ticket may be purchased at the company’s website and preferably well in advance.

Transportation from Václav Havel Airport

To get from Václav Havel Airport to main train station, you can take the Airport Express, which runs every half an hour. The price is 100 CZK and the Express goes directly between the airport and the station. All about the Express, tickets and departure time, can be found on

To get to the Praha – Zličín bus station, you can take city bus number 100, which departs from the airport from two stops, namely Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. A standard Prague Integrated Transport ticket is required for this connection, which costs 30 CZK and can be purchased from a ticket machine at the stop or on the bus. You can find the exact departures on the website  / a site for Prague public transportation. 

The main train station in Prague


The 18th Biennial Conference in conjunction with University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic

28.6. – 1.7. 2024 (27.6. optional site visits)Conference discount code: IASE2024


Accommodation of various categories is provided at discounted prices near the Conference Center. Please note that the accommodation price is not included in the registration fees. We have secured a variety of accommodation in Pilsen at preferential rates for the 18th IASE delegates. To take advantage of these special rates, please use the discount code "IASE2024" when making your booking. In order to secure a reservation at the hotel of your preference, we recommend making your booking as soon as possible. For more information about the hotels, availability & rates, and to make your reservation, visit our accommodation page. Please do not hesitate to arrange your accommodation soon. Pilsen, having been selected as a "European Capital of Culture in 2015," may attract a large number of visitors, and some hotels might be fully occupied.

Price category: 1

Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Pilsen ☆☆☆☆☆ (50)

·       Webpage: Address:

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 5,5 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 300 m

·       Reservations & Contact person: Vendula Poláčková, (code IASE2024)

·       Prices: 2150 CZK/single room, 2350 CZK/double room

·       Note: 4 wheelchair accessible rooms available


Hotel: Congress Center Parkhotel Plzeň, ☆☆☆☆☆ (150)

·       Webpage:

·       Address: U Borského parku 2791, 320 04 Plzeň 3 – Jižní Předměstí

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 2,6 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 4,2 km

·       Reservations & Contact person: Tereza Číhová (code IASE2024)

·       Prices:

·       Early bird - valid until 29. 2. 2024: 1800 CZK/standard single room, 2450 CZK/standard double room, 2100/superior single room, 2650/superior double room

·       Late bird - valid until 1. 3. 2024:  1950 CZK/standard single room, 2650 CZK/standard double room, 2250 CZK/superior single room, 2850 CZK/superior double room

Hotel: Ibis hotel Plzeň ☆☆☆ (50)

·       Webpage:

·       Address: Univerzitní 65, 301 00 Plzeň 3

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 2km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 5,7 km

·       Reservations & Contact person: Hana Lišková,  (code IASE2024)

·       Prices: 1600CZK/single room, 1850 CZK/double room

·       Note: certain number of wheelchair accessible rooms available



Hotel: Hotel Roudná ☆☆☆ (25)

·       Webpage:

·       Address: Na Roudné 13, 301 00 Plzeň 1

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 5,6 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 1,5 km

·       Reservations & Contact person: Alena Krejčová, (code IASE2024)

·       Prices: 1970 CZK/double bed room for one person, 2130 CZK/double room, 2250 CZK/double room with balcony, 2700 CZK/three-bed room, 2800 CZK/three-bed room with balcony, 3300 CZK/quadruple room, 3750 CZK/family room for five

Hotel: Hotel Palace ☆☆☆ Superior (25)

·       Webpage: https://

·       Address: Na Roudné 278, 301 00 Plzeň 1

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 5,6 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 1,5 km

·       Reservations & Contact person: Alena Krejčová, (code IASE2024)

·       Prices: 1850 CZK/single room, 2070 CZK/double room for one person, 2230 CZK/double room, 2800 CZK/three-bed room, 3100 CZK/deluxe three-bed room

Price category: 2

Hotel: Hotel Slovan ☆☆☆ (30)

·       Address: Smetanovy sady 75, 301 00 Plzeň

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 3,9 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 950 m 

·       Reservations & Contact person: (code IASE2024)

·       Prices: 1400 CZK/single room, 2400 CZK/double room


Hotel: Hotel Prokopávka (40)

·       Webpage:

·       Address: K Prokopávce 45, 323 00 Plzeň 1

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 9 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 6,6 km

·       Reservations & Contact person:, (code IASE2024)

·       Prices: 830CZK/per person

·       Note: Wheelchair accessible rooms predominate

Price category: 3

Hotel type dormitory accommodation (25)

·       Webpage: (for photos of Machova St. dorms scroll down to the bottom of the page)

·       Address: Máchova 20, Plzeň, 301 00

·       Distance to the Conference Centre: 2,5 km

·       Distance from the City Centre: 3,5 km

·       Reservations & Contact person: Dr. Blanka Gruberová,

·       Prices: app. 650CZK/per person, single rooms or double rooms, breakfast not provided

·       Note: Rooms available from 25.6. 2024 as earliest

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